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In this 1968 picture, Jamaica's Minister of Education, Hon. Edwin Allen presents me with a certificate and a $600 for winning a primary school  essay competition, policeman looks on.

Committed to Family Values
Committed to my Community
Loyal to my Country

Growing up in a poor village in Jamaica, I saw my community help one another through good times and bad times. My parents worked in the hotel industry and maintained a 5-acre sugar cane farm. Other families has sugar cane farms of varying sizes. Throughout the year, families get together for a day at one farm to harvest sugarcane to send to the factory. They then move on to another farm, and then another,  until all the sugarcane were cut and ready for loading on to trucks for transport to the factory. The "give a day, get a day" cooperative effort was repeated throughout the year; they ready the field for planting after it had been ploughed. The men would plant the "suckers", the top part of a sugar cane plant harvested during reaping. Several hundreds would be planted. The women would cook meals for everyone. The children would take water and meals to the men, throughout the day, out in the field. This would continue until all farms were planted. I learned the power of cooperation through the "Give a Day, Get a Day" effort which left more monies in the pockets of all the sugarcane farmers and their families.

As I grew older, and farming was no longer a means of earning a living for my parents, we started other community services. During my mid-teens I taught adult literacy classes, to men and women as old as my parents. At the same time, my interest in politics began to wax. I attended political rallies, candidates meeting, and canvassed house to house, all before I reached voting age. Upon reaching voting age, I joined a political party and became more involved in the political process.

I emigrated to Canada in 1972 and continued my interest in politics. After I graduated from Sheridan College in 1983, with my Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma and a full-time job, I joined a political party. Just like in Jamaica, I canvassed for candidates, served on local party board. I 1991, I took the plunge and ran for City Council in Mississauga. I did this twice again in 2011 and 2014. Success never came my way and I never became dejected or gave up. With all the experiences gained in the pursuit of a fulfilling life, I decided to write a book. One Canada, published in 2004, is my vision of Creating the Greatest Country on Earth.

what i offer

Committed to my Family and Family Values

Family is the foundation of a society. The emotional strength of a person is formed by the bond created between family members. The support of family nurtures one freedom.

Loyal to my Country

One cannot serve two masters. Loyalty to one will mean disloyalty to the other.  I never forget my birthplace, the people with whom I grew up; all the building blocks of life that I learned and the principles I carry with me today.  I am proud of my heritage. My loyalty is to Canada. There in only one Canadian, the person who puts Canada first


Loyalty, Truthfulness, Honour, Trustworthiness, Education, and Experiences builds a person's character.